Building repeatable revenue in new segments & verticals is hard.

We use real buyer insights to help you source & win deals in new markets.

With market research, in-house GTM expertise, and our expert advisory panel, we uncover and apply unbiased buyer insights to your  team's go-to-market needs.

The Problem

Precise understanding of buyers in new markets is critical for revenue growth.
Developing collective buyer expertise via AE's is expensive, slow, and inefficient.

Biased & Incomplete
Sales calls lack transparency and fail to provide a comprehensive view. Prospects rarely share all factors affecting the deal.
Unstructured Data
Analyzing months of emails, calls, texts, video meetings, etc to find patterns is a daunting task and most companies don't have the capacity to do it correctly.
High Risk
Relying on active deals as a learning tool in new markets is an expensive strategy that can quickly deplete team resources and contribute to missed sales goals.

Our Solution

We combine market research, in-house GTM expertise, and our expert advisory panel to uncover what your target buyers actually think, then we use it to make your sales leaders & reps better.

Step 1: Recruit real buyers from your target market

We collaborate with your team to design the exact parameters for ideal participants based on your value proposition and intended expansion.

In contrast to sales calls, these participants are incentivized to be transparent and will provide their honest feedback on your product and insights on the market as a whole.

Step 2: Gather and refine insights through iterative research

We employ a distinctive research method, conducting iterative sprints of 2-3 interviews rather than a single large batch.

This method allows us to refine questions based on emerging trends and explore insights thoroughly, eliminating blind spots and minimizing bias.

Step 3: Interpret and activate via GTM expertise and expert advisory panel

Our process starts with our market research team's analysis, followed by the application of our go-to-market experience to your sales team, and ends with activation from a subject matter expert on our advisory panel.

We activate our insights in 2 ways:

Executive strategy & recommendations (slide deck & meetings)
        2. Actionable, rep-oriented training and materials (1-pagers, quotes,
               prospecting strategy, sequences)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my time investment?

One Empiric Cycle requires 4 hours from your sales leader & 20 minutes of asynchronous feedback from a few of your sales reps.

What are your qualifications?

30 years of combined sales experience from IC's to CRO, with 10+ successful moves into new markets and 5 acquisitions. We are also supported by a team of market researchers and assisted in our analysis by our expert panel.

Do you offer any other services?

Fractional CRO consulting. Reach out for more info.

Can I join the advisory panel?

If you think you have enough valuable expertise & experience, feel free to reach out.

What does it cost?

Since our projects are bespoke and designed to meet your needs, the price can vary. $10,000 is a good estimate.

Who from our team should be there?

Revenue leaders responsible for success in new markets, segments, or verticals. More specifically, we resonate with CRO’s, CSO’, VP’s of Sales & associated leaders.

How do you find my target buyers and get them to participate in a study?

We have own 1st party network of vetted interview participants.

For those who might be concerned about or ability to find & interview the right people, we have a 100% money back guarantee if we cannot meet your recruitment needs.

Who are your competitors?

Look up "market research for SAAS companies" and you'll find plenty. We're research by GTM operators, for GTM operators. We deliver only what you need, when and how you need it.

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