About Us

Our story and founding team.

We have first-hand experience with the frustrations of taking on this challenge - both as sales reps & sales leadership.

We founded Empiric to provide an alternative to the status quo.

How often have you seen a founding team with a 30 year age range? Probably never. While we don't share the same roles, we've dealt with the same problems. And we all share some of the same names.

From the boardroom to the SDR team, we have firsthand experience with the challenges of breaking into a new vertical, market, or segment.

We all saw the same opportunity: market research provides rich insights from real buyers, but those insights never make it to the sales team.

So we founded Empiric.

Our Founders

Headshot of Justin McCullough
Justin McCullough
Co-Founder & Head of Sales
Headshot of Justin Fite
Justin Fite
Co-Founder & President
Headshot of Carter Fite
Carter Fite
Co-Founder & Head of Delivery

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