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Ideal Customer Profile Realignment

Stop relying on outdated and biased assumptions about your buyer's needs. Empiric facilitates effective and efficient marketing research to help gather  the insights you need:

Unbiased, firsthand perspectives from your ICP
Dynamic buyer needs that reflect the needs of the market
Actionable deliverables that will actually be used by your reps

Project Workflow

We use your existing ICP & foundational buyer assumptions to recruit pilot participants and make sure we're on the right track for the collection phase.
We combine traditional market research techniques, AI, and sales experience to precisely identify gaps and opportunities within your target market.
We provide dynamic battle cards, strengths & weaknesses, market trends, and buyer personas that are immediately ready for use by your sales team.
Generic Messaging
If all of your sales calls sound the same, you don't understand your customers well enough.
Wide ICP
If your customers are everyone, you probably don't know who has the problem you solve.
Deals Going Dark
If you have deals that go dark, you didn't uncover the true customer needs.
Discount Selling
If your reps use blanket discounts, they don't know the value of your solution.

How to know if you're misaligned

ICP alignment is dynamic and difficult to maintain. Here are some signs that you might be misaligned:

Generic sales techniques that don't put the customer first
Too much of a focus on deal mechanics, not business mechanics
Falling behind the trend of the markets and selling to pain points that existed in the past, not in the now

Simple deliverables, improved adoption

We know that your reps will never use a complicated slide deck or research report. That's why we deliver our findings in sales-ready assets that your sales team will actually use.

Dynamic battle cards & buyer personas
Real-time insights that reflect how you customers are being affected by the current market trends
Accessible where your reps live: Slack & your CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a free ICP audit?

We'll take one of your ICPs (VP of sales, CMO, etc.) and do a quick one-hour consultation to understand you key assumptions. From there, we recruit and see if your understanding resonates with our recruitment pool.

What does it cost?

Our standard project starts at $20,000. However, we hate one-size-fits-all pricing. Let's chat and see what price makes sense for the scope & size of project you need.

What are your qualifications?

Long story short, we have 50 years of combined sales experience ranging from individual contributor to CRO. We know what sales people will (and won't) use.

What else do you do?

We also offer executive advisory & fractional sales leader services. Reach out for more info.

What is my time investment?

We know that time is valuable and require only a minimal amount of time - typical projects take 4 to 6 weeks.

Who from our team should be there?

Our projects are sales focused - typically we need a sales leader, front line manager, and individual contributor.

What is the dashboard BETA?

We are developing a living and breathing database that's easy to use and built for sales reps. Let us know if you want to be part of our beta group! 

Who are your competitors?

Look up "market research for SAAS companies" and you'll find plenty. The only difference is that they are much more expensive and will give you a 20 page research report that you probably won't use.

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